May 26, 2022

Early founders of startups may sincerely believe that they will become big players and conquer all the market available to them (TAM). Most investors aren’t interested unless it starts with a B. However, despite investors’ fondness for entrepreneurs with idealistic goals, those of us who are down to earth know that going from nothing to giant takes hard steps.

To paraphrase Robert Frost, there are still many miles to go before the harvest can be harvested.

If you’re new, go ahead – state your intention and tell potential investors that you can win the whole market. At the same time, develop a clear, realistic plan that will move your “wedge” (original, younger target audience) from sales charts to ever larger, more useful, but relevant groups. Balance is important and both strategies are necessary.

Combining a practical wedge strategy with your product or service can help your startup gain a foothold even in established or crowded markets. Several tech giants, including AirBnB, Amazon, Chime, PayPal, Shopify, and TikTok, started small, grew their customer base, and expanded their subsequent offerings over time with great success.

Wedge and there it is easy to understand. The challenge is to determine what steps are needed to bridge the gap between them. Here is the kicker. These steps differ for each startup based on variables such as product, distribution, marketing, business model, and more.

The conflict is real, so we brought in Aidin Senkatt, founder and managing partner of Felicis Ventures, and Viviana Faga, general partner of the company, to explain the process during the session. From Wedge to Tam. Go bee A bale of vanity at an early stage 14th of April.

They will share their vast knowledge and experience to help you identify and understand these steps and then draw clear lines from one to the next.

Aydin Senkut, a superangel-turned-multi-stage investor, has appeared eight times on the Forbes Midas list and four times on the New York Times Top 20 VC list. Since founding Felicis in 2006, he has risen to prominence as a pioneering financier for prestigious companies including Credit Karma (acquired by Intuit), Fitbit, Opendoor and Shopify. His current interests include infrastructure, security and the future of healthcare.

Viviana Faga has over twenty years of experience designing and building brand categories for successful cloud/SaaS and social enterprises. It helps them build scalable growth engines that drive successful exits. Fagi’s specific interests include expanding and structuring SaaS go-to-market teams, messaging and positioning, category building, free product strategy, and sales promotion. His recent investments include Hex Technologies and Vowell.

If you want to expand your customer base, achieve ever-increasing market share, and start your quest for market dominance, don’t miss this session. Join Aidin Senkut and Viviana Faga to discuss, define and connect the various steps to help your startup move from Waze to TAM.

The initial stage of the TC The sessions provide plenty of time to get involved, ask questions, and leave you with a deep working understanding of the topics and skills required for startup success. Reserve your seat before the price increase and register todayI

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