May 25, 2022

Apple announced today that Arizona will be the first US state to allow residents to digitally store their driver’s license or state ID in the Apple Wallet app. The company said last fall that it made the state one of the first to propose a new facility. With the launch, Apple device owners will be able to tap their iPhone or Apple Watch to reveal their ID at select TSA checkpoints at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

To get started, Arizona residents must tap the “+” button at the top of the screen in the Wallet app on their iPhone, then select “driver’s license or state ID” and follow the on-screen instructions to begin setup and verification. Process. Apple explains. The person is verified by taking a selfie and then scanning the front and back of their current driver’s license or government-issued ID. These scans are securely transmitted to the issuing state for verification, Apple notes. There is also an additional fraud prevention step that asks users to make a series of face and head movements during the installation process, the post says.

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Once an ID or license is added to the wallet, users can access it for use at TSA supported checkpoints. Users can see what information is being requested and then allow the information to be shared using Face ID or Touch ID. It works just like Apple Pay, meaning users don’t need to unlock their iPhone to use the feature. The information is then sent via encrypted communication to the identity reader. Because the information is transmitted digitally, users are not required to hand over their physical ID card or their device. TSA will also take a photograph of the passenger for verification.

Apple says the feature will be rolled out to other states soon, including Colorado, Hawaii, Mississippi, Ohio, and Puerto Rico. It was previously announced that seven states were planning to join the council, including Connecticut, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma and Utah, in addition to Arizona.

Apple first unveiled its plans to support driver’s licenses and IDs in Apple Wallet at its developer conference last year. But in an update posted to the iOS 15 website in November, Apple shrugged off that the feature would be delayed until early 2022. The company, of course, is at the mercy of state governments to get such a facility off the ground. To validate the user ID.

image credit: an Apple

The new feature is supported on iPhone 8 or later with iOS 15.4 and Apple Watch Series 4 or later on devices running watchOS 8.4 or later. At the moment, only some TSA checkpoints in some states support this feature.

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