May 26, 2022

Arena founder Paulo Martins grew up playing video games in Brazil, an industry that thrives on building communities between players. He later moved to the US, where he was one of Hulu’s original employees, helping the TV streaming service grow to over 7 million subscribers and $1 billion in revenue.

When it came time to build their own startup, Martins helped companies create a group of equally dedicated users who would become their core audience. Arena provides the tools to embed online discussions on your website, where people can connect with each other, solve problems together, and create a sense of camaraderie around the brand.

“If you want, we will create a Discord for any B2B or B2C company that wants to create this community, this interaction with one line of code on their website,” explains Martins. “It’s an easy way to implement chat and we want to help our clients engage our audience to build community and trust.”

It’s also about better understanding your customers to provide a better experience with less filtered data in order to increase transactions. Building a community is ultimately about marketing.

“We help you connect with customers as they explore the product, as this is the best time to sign up, such as to buy tickets, donate, or buy merchandise,” he said.

Murat Biser, who led Arena’s Series A investment for CRV, said he sits between CDP (customer data platform) at the back and marketing automation at the front, creating a logical connection between Arena users and helping them better understand the customer.

“The arena basically helps the brand understand how the customer wants to interact with it. It could be through their website, watching videos, perhaps joining chat rooms, reading blogs, and then a little bit of linking all that information to a specific client so you can say, “Oh, this person who is being asked about your website and the product, this is really a special person,” he said.

Martins understands that communities can change very quickly, as we have seen many times online over the years, and there are rules for participation and clients can have a monitor to watch the discussion to make sure there is a difference. Hands run.

So far, the approach seems to be working. It reports 25,000 clients in 50 countries. The company is growing rapidly with 35 employees and is expected to triple by the end of this year. He added that diversity is in the company’s DNA when building its business as an immigrant founder.

“Diversity is the standard for us. It’s actually in our DNA, especially because as the sole founder of a company with work experience, I had to go through immigration and understand the venture capital space and business building dynamics. I had to try,” she said. said.

The company today announced another big step in that process with the launch of the $13.6 million Series A. The round was led by CRV with participation from Craft Ventures, Artisanal Ventures and Vela Partners, as well as several business angels.

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