May 25, 2022

Arcol is in the early stages of building a design and documentation tool that will run in your browser.

Paul O’Carroll founded the company in January 2021, inspired by his father, an architect, and frustrated by the lack of digital building design tools. He remembers how his father, sitting at his desk with a pencil and paper, sketched out a building that would be built in six months.

Prior to joining Arcol, O’Carroll worked in a digital design studio and created design tools for large companies, usually with a construction or architectural background. Given that the technology used is decades old, he wanted to use older tools such as Autodesk.

“Through all of this, I saw firsthand how bad the tools we use to design buildings are, and I felt that architects, engineers and contractors deserve better tools,” O’Carroll told gaming-updates Told. “What Figma has done in UI design is what we want to do in building design.”

You can read more about the founding history of Arcol on O’Carroll’s blog. The company creates web-based tools that can convert 2D sketches to 3D renderings, allowing any creative and collaborative creator to design anything from a small building to a skyscraper using canvas.

The product is currently in development and will be released later this year, and O’Carroll said the waiting list has just topped 8,000 people. He said the technology is difficult to manufacture and the product will go into closed alpha in the coming months, with 20 clients going private around May. He hopes to open it publicly by the end of the year.

Paul O'Carroll, Archolic

Paul O’Carroll, founder of Arcol. image credit: arcolo

Not to be outdone, the company has raised seed funding with support from Cowboy Ventures, Figma CEO Dylan Field, Figma Head of Business Development and Strategy Lauren Martin, John Lilly, ProCore CEO Tui Kortmanch, former Autodesk CEO Amar Hanspal and Paki McCormick. million. This gives the company more than $5 million in total funding after receiving $1.5 million in pre-funding last year.

The new funding will be used to expand the management team and add five employees to the Arcol team.

“We need to get our product up and running quickly because we’re extremely frustrated with the market,” O’Carroll said. “For architects, that didn’t happen and the creative aspect was lost. We want the magic back.”

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