May 28, 2022

As more people have begun working remotely in recent years, there has also been an increase in the number of people choosing freelance or contract work, forcing companies to look for ways to manage this segment of employees.

If you are one of those people who needs to find a job and manage payments, tax returns and invoicing, there are several startups to help you, such as AfriBlocks, Malt, Worksum, Meaningful Gigs, SteadyPay and Contra, for which various approaches have been developed. to make it easier.

The latest to receive funding to continue developing its financial infrastructure for the freelance economy is Archie, which has partnered with Bee Capital Group, Mack Ventures, Worklife Ventures, Half VC, Dash Fund, Day One Ventures, and Behance founder Scott Belsky. million funding. and other founders of companies such as Cameo, Blank Street, Ramp, Bloomtech and Eight Sleep.

Co-founders Jonas Reguero, Cassandra Aaron and Dylan Hatem introduced Archie last April and officially launched three months later. They developed a collaboration hub for companies to find and hire freelancers, then manage everything—enrollment, contracts, payments, accounting, and tax returns—with the ability to pay freelancers with a single click.

Archie, Cassandra Aaron, Jonas Reguero

Archie co-founders Cassandra Aaron and Jonas Reguero. image credit: Archie

Aaron and Reguero, who have been friends for many years, have noticed that more than half of the workforce is going freelance, and that number is expected to top 90 million by 2028. Despite this opportunity, he believed freelancers were still financially excluded and at the mercy of companies that treat them like salespeople and complete them for 30 days or more while getting paid for the work.

“Our mission is to unravel the free economy,” she told gaming-updates. In Aaron’s estimation, Archie is saving hours for his clients, which they can now use to focus on growth opportunities.

His position is gaining momentum. Archie has seen $15 million in payments since last April, eight times more than since July 2021 alone. In addition, much of their growth is driven by word of mouth, with freelancers reaching out to new employers to use Archie as their preferred way of doing business with clients.

Reguero said the new funding will allow the company to strengthen its engineering team and technology development as it begins to accelerate its growth efforts.

Their plan for the future includes using their structured payments knowledge to insure products and create additional financial services for freelancers, including banking, savings, credit, and income verification.

“We will continue to focus on the development and creation of different levels of the platform,” Reguero said. “This includes providing ways to sign contracts and other forms before anyone arrives, as well as investing in international payments so that companies can pay contractors in other countries. Ultimately, we want to make it as smooth as possible.”

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