May 26, 2022

There is a personnel crisis in the healthcare sector. According to a recent survey by Morning Consult, about 20% of healthcare workers have quit their jobs during the pandemic. Some studies estimate that in the year before the spread of COVID-19, the cost of medical burnout was about $4.6 billion, and this figure is likely to increase.

Organizations are hiring more and more perks and employees to solve problems. But they still face hurdles, including over-onboarding and employee vetting.

Adam Lewis mentioned Appploy, a platform he founded eight years ago, as a solution. Initially targeting job seekers and job seekers across industries, Appploy has shifted its focus to healthcare as it excels in a sea of ​​HR startups.


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appeal to health care

When Lewis spoke to gaming-updates in 2015, he suggested Apply as a way for service workers to “show their best” with tools to share videos about their personality and skills. The company offered mobile, web, and kiosk apps designed to help users submit multiple applications by providing companies with “the data they need to make informed decisions.”

By investing in a suite of recruiting and onboarding tools designed for healthcare companies, Appploy is now clearly more employer-focused. For example, Appleloi can help you collect, monitor, and update workforce data with reminders to keep nurses and carers licenses up to date. The integration of digital personal files helps recruiters reconnect with former candidates, while built-in messaging (email and SMS) and interview scheduling make the hiring process much easier.

“We have seen that there are very unique challenges in healthcare, an industry in high demand. That’s why in 2018 the company decided to focus exclusively on healthcare, helping organizations provide the best possible care for their most vulnerable populations. Hiring and supporting. The right people,” Lewis told gaming-updates via email. “The company provides a comprehensive software-as-a-service platform to help healthcare organizations hire, onboard, hire and manage a large number of employees, especially nurses and nurses. ,

Apply also tracks job conversion rates, shows where candidates are coming from, and can track performance on social sites or track candidates during the recruitment workflow. In addition, Apploi may initiate screening before an offer is renewed and guide applicants through steps including license checks, background checks, and various paperwork.

All of Apple’s tools are pretty perfect – at least on the outside. And there’s plenty of venture capital in the medical tech industry, with Silicon Valley Bank reporting that medical tech companies will raise $39.7 billion by 2021. But going forward, Appliance will continue to differentiate itself from providers such as Lantum, Vivian Health (formerly NurseFly) and Incredible Health.

Lewis claims that Appploy is already achieving this, pointing to a 2020 acquisition of healthcare platform HealthGig. Apploi, which employs more than 100 people, has 6,000 customers and says sales will increase by 130% by 2021.

“The additional funding will enable us to develop additional healthcare functionality across our entire product line to provide a customized and enhanced end-to-end experience,” Lewis said. Country… Customers love our product with 99.6% monthly retention.”

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