May 25, 2022

Barcelona-based Amenity, which sells software as a service to simplify the management of independent hotels and B&Bs, which it calls “Shopify for Hotels”, has raised $7.5M just months after announcing $30M ended the series. A. in seed financing. I

The latest round is led by venture capital firm Eight Roads, which also includes Chafen Ventures and existing investors Point-Nine, Backed and Otium Capital.

The SaaS creator, founded in 2018, doesn’t praise this growth, but says it expanded its property management system (PMS) SaaS package to more than 4,000 properties in 37 countries – last November from more than 3,000.

In addition to day-to-day operations such as guest management, communications and billing, including Amenity’s own payment module, the fully integrated software platform includes a website builder and channel manager to help independent hotels and guest houses stay afloat. for multiple third party platforms where their assets can be advertised (e.g., Expedia, etc.).

It also connects customers to the third-party software tool market to meet their additional needs.

The new funding will be used to expand into other European markets and launch more products on their platforms, as well as to further grow the Amenity team, which plans to increase its staff from 150 to 350 people.

Alexander Ghinfolo, CEO of Amenity, told gaming-updates: “When we raised our seed round with point nine, we did so with very specific goals. We wanted to build on our internationalization roadmap with the opening of Spain and Italy by launching AmenitizePay to start recruiting strong leadership, improving payment management practices at our hotels and growing our team (which we planned from 30 to 150 employees in 2021). now).

“With all these boxes installed and with a lot of investor interest, we decided now is the time to accelerate in Europe, put together another round and continue scaling.”

Amenitiz already has several customers for its SaaS outside of the region, but France was the first market to focus on, and for now it will continue to focus its resources on expanding in Europe.

It notes that there are approximately 700,000 hotels, bed and breakfasts and vacation properties in the region, of which 80% are stand-alone properties with 50 rooms or less, meaning they fall into the independent segment, at which is targeted by Amenityz.

“France was our first market (and the only one we focused on for the first three years). We have since received excellent response from Italy and Spain, which we launched in 2021 with comparable acquisition numbers and initial growth.” “The plan is to focus on Europe for now, as it is one of the largest travel markets in the world. , but expand rapidly to new continents in the coming years (the US and Latin America are likely to be the first to expand).

Ghinfolo says that with the new funding, Amenityz will target launches in the UK, Ireland, Portugal, Germany and “possibly” Greece, which he notes, together with existing markets, make up 90% of Europe’s travel market.

In terms of product development, they say they will be adding more features that will make hoteliers’ processes “faster and easier.”

“However, most notable will be our revenue management system, which allows hoteliers to automate their pricing strategy based on their past occupancy and market data,” he says.

SaaS by Amenitiz essentially replaces the functionality of 3-4 different providers for independent hoteliers, centralizing all the tools on a single platform to simplify the administrative burden.

“In Europe, the majority of our competitive markets are very local heritage providers, typically a country or even, in some cases, a region,” Ghinfolo says. “In France, for example, Avivo, Vega (PMS), MisterBOoking (PMS), Reservit (channel manager and booking system) and many small local WordPress agencies that build websites.

“Our biggest competitor in the world will be CloudBed, which is focused on the US and Latin America but offers a similar range of products.”

In a Serie A growth announcement, Eight Roads partner and current Leisure Council member Lucille Cornette said: “Despite the pandemic, the amenities service has shown impressive momentum. It shows how a product that is 10 times better, intuitive and easy to use can fit the market in an industry that has seen little innovation in recent decades. We are excited to work with Alex, Emma and Fred.”

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