May 25, 2022

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Have a nice day and welcome to the Daily Crunch Friday, April 1, 2022I It’s been a slow day of news at TC Towers as we’ve reviewed every PR presentation about the stupidity of April 1st and every PR firm in the world advising their clients to ban literally every other day of the year.

Alex and Mary Ann ranked Equity Forte low on one particularly enjoyable episode this week, which featured Instacart valuation, among other things. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ll be listening to Rick Astley over and over again. You have an idea, 900 people are trying to trick us into clicking on those links. I Christine As well as Hey

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Vanity Kip top 3

  • Another Amazon Center votes for unionsToday’s big news was no laughing matter for Amazon, but employees at the e-commerce giant’s JFK8 fulfillment center in Staten Island cheered over the weekend. He voted for the union. gaming-updates’s Brian is following this closely and reports that Amazon is likely to challenge the vote and has seven days from today to do so.
  • this is not an exercise: In case you missed last night, President Joe Biden plans to pass the Defense Production Act to help America deal with a potential shortage of minerals and materials needed for electric vehicles and batteries used for energy storage.
  • sad mother-in-lawA: Speaking of rankings, it’s not just Instacart that has low rankings. Alex Wilhelm unpacks a Silicon Valley bank report that says even late-stage software-as-a-service companies are undervalued, while some late-stage startups trying to raise capital are not. ,

Startups and venture capitalists

There’s some great news today, but some cool gems have popped up:

  • British fashion rental company expands with rotation Its community rental platform for America
  • How Pizza To Love Became One of the Benchmarks of Flexible RobotsAnd I’m glad to see, for example, MIT leaning on the phrase “complex dough manipulation.”
  • These robots are gentle with BerryRobot: Well, a research team has found a way that robots can pick very delicate fruits like raspberries.
  • game over: E3, one of the biggest gaming expos in the world, has announced the cancellation of E3 for another year, promising that they will try to continue it next year.
  • Loyalty Wordle Players Got Weak Ending Lollipop This Week When the answer word didn’t match the word their friend came up with. I really wish this was the biggest problem the world is facing right now, but as someone who uses word games as part of my mental health regime… SarahTo get to the bottom of this mystery!

As an up-and-coming geek with a particular passion for the art of pitching to VCs, I’m thrilled to be participating in Lottie Cinicalco’s Pitch Deck Teardown in the early stages of TC in just a few weeks.

Methods and reasons for raising capital OT Security

HTML code on a computer screen with a padlock in hand and in the background

image credit: SOPA images (Opens in a new window) / Getty Images

Operational technologies that allow critical infrastructure to operate 24/7 is an area that faces significant cybersecurity risks, and as the US government takes steps to mitigate the threat, turning to security firms will bring the greatest benefit, writes Matt Gatto, Director at Insight Partners.

In a guest post for TC+, he explains how recent attacks on critical infrastructure, pending regulations, and growing concerns about Russian cyberattacks are opening up new opportunities in OT.

“This is a good time for OT security vendors to get funding,” Gatto said. “The financial hype is fueled by a combination of growing cyberattacks on OT and increased government regulation.”

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Big Tech Inc.

  • It’s electricity!The US Department of Transportation has announced some new domestic fuel economy standards for 2024 that will bring the country closer to President Joe Biden’s goal of making half of all cars sold in the US run on batteries by 2030. That means automakers need to figure out how to move from the industry standard of 37 mpg to 49 mpg.
  • The new GoPro battery is three times more powerful: When you thought it was safe to go back to your camera bag and buy a new battery, GoPro introduced the new Volta battery grip that gives you three times the shooting time. It’s great to perfect your next Michael Bay impersonation.

Fool’s Day!

Photo of Formlabs 2D printer, April 1 joke

image credit: farm laboratory

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m on my last nerve and between elections, pandemics, invasions, and the recent death of my favorite band’s drummer, I’ve lost at least 95% of my sense of humor. Last few years. Yet every year, tech startups try to rob us of our always-favorite beige. Here are five of the funniest April Fools’ jokes this year.

  • Formlabs, a 3D printing enthusiast, announces the launch of a 2D printer.I wouldn’t hesitate to order one given my wildly mixed results with early Formlabs printers, but let’s face it; If they launch a 2D printer, it will probably be better than a bunch of other crap I’ve had on my desk over the years, so who knows. I’m 99% sure this is a joke unfortunately.
  • Twitter trolls its user base, says it’s working on an edit buttonI’ve been the platform’s most requested feature since we all started tweeting, and everyone knows by now that it probably won’t happen. (Plus, it’s a terrible idea.) But yes. Way to move the crowd!
  • The creators of Huddle had a subtle April Fool’s joke Which I got 100% this morning. Wordle Knock-Off is great fun for music lovers; The anger I had that he couldn’t play today really disappointed me, made me cry and hurt me.
  • TVTV launches a TV built specifically for Apple TVI especially appreciate the effort the company has made to present a product that doesn’t make sense in so many dimensions that I’m afraid it could create a wormhole and give us all an alternative. , and Apple TV becomes a toaster cartridge.
  • And finally Stupid beer site pulled a stupid trick Selling your stupid products, which can only be described as dumb stupidity with bait and switch. I hope their stupid marketing team and stupid executives have given the green light to a stupid idea, their stupid mind has come to you that you can’t rip people off and get away with it. They say that all attention is good meditation, but consider my silly heated conclusion: it was silly. Let’s stop doing such stupid things and don’t give our money to stupid companies.

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