May 23, 2022

2D virtual event platforms such as Hopein, Kvent, and Zoom have become an integral part of virtual events, but they are designed for content consumption, not “user activation” for brands. So in the metaverse, brands turn to platforms like Meta, Sandbox or Decentraland for this kind of interaction. But again, these are platforms built for consumers, so their use in a B2B environment is limited.

As such, platforms such as,, Gather, Virbella, and Hub now offer a certain level of 3D experience for activating events.

Allsated’s event visualization has evolved from focusing on business and the B2B space, creating metaverses for physical events, or “event digital twins” using video avatars that work well in corporate settings.

The company has now raised $15 million in a new funding round led by Trinity Capital, which also includes Vetech Partners, NYFF, Magma Ventures and WGG. The new round of funding means it could expand its platform from events to corporate use.

Even though the real world is becoming somewhat “normal”, platforms like Metaverse will continue to grow and are touted as a $1 trillion market opportunity.

What sets Allsated apart from other players is that it creates a “photorealistic digital twin” through a web browser, giving brands a lot of control over user engagement, data, content, and levels of integration. So while it may seem like a virtual tour right now, it could turn into something completely different in the future.

Yaron Lipschitz, CEO of Allseed, said in a statement: “Nearly every chief marketing officer and human resources officer we speak to is looking for ways to harness the power of the metaverse and drive new models of engagement with their customers, employees and partners.”

Allsated says it has grown from 40 employees to 120 worldwide.

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