May 25, 2022

Airbyte, a well-funded open source data integration platform, today announced the acquisition of Grouparoo, an open source startup dedicated to helping businesses sync data between their data warehouses and help-focused cloud tools. In many ways, it complements Airbyte’s offering, which focuses on loading data into a data warehouse, while Grouparoo specializes in processing that data.

“This is an open source reverse ETL. [extract, transform, load] company,” said Michel Tricott, co-founder and CEO of Airbyte. “They aim differently” [from Airbyte]I think they have a very strong tech team and they’ve built a few products already and it’s about how we can take advantage of everything they do and help them expand Airbyte’s reverse ETL product that the team can bring.

image credit: air bite

Tricott emphasized that Eribyte is buying here not so much the product as the experience of the team. “We don’t integrate their technology,” he said. “It’s more about the knowledge they have and the experience they have.” Tricott also noted that the Grouparoo team has always strived to make their service accessible to non-technical audiences, something Airbyte has long focused on (though it’s a command-line tool for technical users) who also want more flexibility. ). He specifically emphasized that he hopes the team will help AirByte create the user interface tools needed to connect to more third-party services to create connectors.

Grouparoo CEO and co-founder Brian Leonard took a more down to earth tone in his statement today.

“Thank you to our users and investors for your continued support,” he wrote. “Grouparoo definitely had early supporters and users who saw what we were trying to achieve. They have implemented Grouparoo in their infrastructure or in our cloud, and some have even created their own plugins to extend the platform. But when we actually saw it, we were on the wrong track to impact the world. ,

However, he noted that he believes Airbyte is on the right track, as virtually every business today must extract data and load it into their storage if they want to work with it.

“By working with the engineers responsible for this core mission, Airbyte has thrived. Moving up the value chain with more diverse stakeholders, Grouparu sees less demand,” Leonard wrote.

Both companies did not disclose the acquisition price. Grouparu previously raised about $3 million in a seed round led by Eniac Venture and Fuel Capital in late 2020.

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