May 25, 2022

Last September, Amazon announced the curious Amazon Glo device.

Part video calling device and part projector, it is designed to uniquely connect children with distant relatives using two screens: one built-in screen for the face of the remote caller, and the other, through a transparent projector on the table below the insured, to act like a big old touch screen for games and books. What a child sees on a desktop touchscreen is typically displayed on the far site’s iOS/Android tablet; If mom/dad/grandparents turn the pages a thousand miles ahead, the child’s page also turns.

But there was a catch with the first Glo: If you wanted to buy it, you had to… As part of Amazon’s “Day 1 Edition” product testing program, shipments were limited to select users while the company worked out product deficiencies.

As of today, Amazon has announced that invites are no longer required. It’s worth noting that exiting the Day 1 program will drop the price from $249 to $299, but the company has always said that was the plan. This price mainly includes a one-year subscription to the mandatory (and separate from Amazon Prime) Amazon Kids+ service, which provides books/games for the device, as well as 2 years of “hassle-free” cover replacement, if that’s all. and brakes..

It’s also worth noting that Amazon says the Glo is now available to everyone “in the US”; Availability in other countries has not yet been specified.

A few months ago I tested the first unit with my 3 year old – and despite some forethought and the occasional major accident, we (and grandparents) had a great time. We just bought our review almost immediately after returning the car on credit. It’s still a bit buggy, but it’s gotten better (it’s gotten easier and they’ve added more games in the last few weeks) and my kid still tells us to switch to Glo whenever he tells his grandparents to me.

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