May 28, 2022

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Hello and welcome to the Daily Crunch on Monday, March 14, 2022! This week I’m writing to you from New Orleans, where when I’m not writing I’m busy eating everything. I’m talking about this because moving is something that many of us do a little more than now. what do we mean Mobile again. And it’s a good follow up to remind you that you can still save some money with the early risers for our upcoming season: the Mobility Event.

The gaming-updates transport team is full of fantastic people so don’t miss out. I Alex

Vanity Kip top 3

  • Moov proves that startups can still raise twice a year: African startup Move is back in the news today, raising a massive $105 million Series A2 funding round. Over the past year, the company has raised $23 million in its first Series A and $10 million in debt. Move helps finance vehicles for motorists, which appears to be a growing market. The company’s latest round included $40 million in debt.
  • However, some startups are busy digesting: In 2021, it was very common to launch startups twice a year. The result of this market has been that many startups have been priced at high prices with long periods of growth to justify their value. Since then, the value of technology companies has plummeted. Result? The growing mismatch between valuation and value and the shrinking startup growth premium.
  • Otherwise, the new iPhone is really cool: gaming-updates employees were excited shortly after the announcement of the new iPhone SE. And even after holding it in our warm arms for a while, we are still very excited.

Startups and venture capitalists

To start your own Walter Thompson There’s a great investor survey going on today that looks at how to position venture capitalists as founders. It’s written and formatted in such a way that the advice is fresh – what do VCs want? NowMe and Sarah Kunst (Cleo Capital), Kristin Choi (M13) and others, it’s worth your time.

Speaking of pitching, we have a great story on how Snorkel.AI raised $135 million. One theme that struck me between the two articles is the importance of storytelling. As a journalist, I’m not good at telling stories, but I respect this craft. For the founders, this seems to be the central pillar for attracting the attention of investors.

  • forget money; The new fashion is Funds of Funds: It was perhaps inevitable that as more late-stage funds tried to invest first, they would draw capital not only from early-stage startups, but from other early-stage asset managers as well. This is a way to repay a large capital immediately, but without the operational hassle of managing it. (More here from the weekend.)
  • Want less pronunciation? gaming-updates’s Haje Jan Kamps has an accent, he writes. So he’s a little unhappy with what Seeso is doing, which is an API that could potentially determine the pronunciation of whoever is talking to him. While I like the way he says it and don’t want any changes to it, he notes that “people prefer to use zoom wallpapers and TikTok filters, and with the right handling it’s pretty easy to see how one can sign up to reduce having a heavy accent” .
  • Say hello to the Quantum Mini Refrigerator: Now that Microsoft has a VP of Quantum, I think it’s fair to say that the industry is on track to become an important part of the larger technology landscape. So it is not surprising that among them there are startups. Today gaming-updates talked about Mabel Quantum, “A cryogenic platform for cooling quantum processors to the very low temperatures required to run a stable quantum system.” It’s called a refrigerator. Why? Not only is the temperature included, but if you want to see it in the wild, you can try opening it to see if it has beer in it.
  • Data science in a box? I love a startup that I don’t fully promote. Pareto is one such company. It appears to be offering customers a hybrid of data collection and analysis as a service. This means a combination of automated tools and a human in a loop. Pareto may be a kind of response to the lack of data scientists in the market.
  • Byju founder Byju Ravindran borrowed money to invest in his company. I am suspicious of borrowing money to invest in expensive startups. But that’s because I’m essentially a financial coward. Be that as it may, when the news broke that Beau Ravindran had invested $400 million in his education technology company, the question arose: Where did this money come from?I answer apparently anyone else.
  • Laptop as a service: Join a new company, rent a laptop. This is a story as old as the world. But what if the laptop you received at the new gig was rented? This is the idea of ​​Fleet, which, in essence, switches equipment purchases by employees from capital expenditures to operating expenses. Even more fun, the fleet is loading!

and finish Natasha Mascarenhas Going primarily on the subject of investors lately.

IRS FUD: What You Need to Know About Cryptocurrency Taxes

American tax day april 18 desk calendar page isolated on white background.  Easy to crop for all your social media or print sizes.

image credit: micro pixie stock (Opens in a new window) / Getty Images

Whether you have liquidated your crypto assets or are planning to stay until the universe ignites, if you traded profitably last year, the IRS will be happy to talk to you.

But determining these taxable incomes may require some effort.

Because cryptocurrency exchanges are not regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission, “they are not required by law to provide the same level of tax reporting that discount brokers and custodians are required to provide to investors in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.”

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Big Tech Inc.

  • Meta that allows people to turn off their personal space: Facebook’s parent company is still in the “exploration” phase of the metaverse, the online game/world where people can move around and interact. After some people were upset, the company created a privacy bubble. For those who do not need them, they can be disabled.
  • Now you can unlock your iPhone by wearing a mask: At a time when most of us are ditching masks, iOS 15.4 brings “Face ID with an unlocked mask,” according to gaming-updates. chorus! But I think it’s a little late.
  • Instagram is now really blocked in Russia: Russia justified the threat by promising to close Instagram on its territory. The Russian Internet is starting to look more and more like China, where foreign companies are either banned or jumping through the hoops required to register.
  • Ford talks about EV goals for Europe: 2026 is still a long way off, but gaming-updates has set a goal for Ford to sell “more than 600,000 electric vehicles a year in Europe” as part of its larger campaign to reach zero carbon emissions by then.

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