December 9, 2022

1/6 committee member Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) stated the committee knew one thing about Rep. Marjorie Taylor Inexperienced.


Transcript by means of CBS Face the Country:

Margaret Brennan: Marjorie Taylor Inexperienced’s legal professional stated this week that she used to be now not concerned within the Jan. 6 violence. She used to be a sufferer. Textual content messages have been launched this week during which he mentioned martial regulation with then-Leader of Group of workers Mark Meadows. Do you want to invite him some questions?

Rep. Kiesinger: Sure. I need to ask him some questions. We all know a couple of issues. I surely would not verify or deny textual content messages. However I need to say about Marjorie Taylor Inexperienced-Inexperienced that she is a sufferer, it is wonderful, you understand, how folks assault everybody for being her sufferers. I imply, he attacked, I feel, the circle of relatives of a college taking pictures survivor one day in DC. She stood out of doors the Congressional Girls’s Place of work and yelled at her in the course of the mailbox, announcing she used to be too scared to come back out and face him. After which when Marjorie Taylor Inexperienced confronted battle, she unexpectedly turned into a sufferer and a deficient, helpless congresswoman seeking to do her process. That is insanity. We’d like data. Glance, historical past may not pass judgement on him, or folks like him who purchase giant lies. I strongly imagine in it.

No matter what Inexperienced says is lacking. Kinzinger means that the 1/6 Committee has evidence of what he did.

Rep. Inexperienced hopes the proof may not come ahead of Georgia makes a decision to take him off the poll. Georgia plaintiffs have already attempted to make use of Inexperienced’s martial regulation textual content as proof in opposition to him.

Marjorie Taylor Inexperienced is in a race in opposition to time, seeking to unravel her felony problems ahead of extra proof is to be had to make use of in opposition to her.

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