June 3, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy is bursting with magical places, together with many iconic places from the length Harry Potter Films like Hogwarts Citadel, Hogsmeade and the Forbidden Wooded area. Alternatively, there are lots of different places with doable Hogwarts Legacy The sequel may just discover whilst staying true to the set.

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A number of places are lacking Hogwarts Legacy of the Harry Potter franchise that might be offering avid gamers much more magical and rewarding reviews in a sequel. Some may just permit avid gamers to enjoy never-before-seen spaces of the scene, whilst others may just lend a hand deliver extra of the paranormal scene at the large display screen to lifestyles within the sport global, taking into account without equal Hogwarts immersion. Some places may additionally lend a hand construct relationships between avid gamers and partners or different fashionable NPCs.


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10 Diagon Alley

Hogwarts Legacy Ollivander's Wand Shop

Subsequent to Hogwarts Citadel, Hogsmeade is possibly one of the vital well-known puts in Hogwarts Legacy the place avid gamers can get their wand in Ollivander’s store. Even if Hogsmeade has a an identical attraction, many avid gamers would possibly dream of experiencing the magic of Diagon Alley when buying their magic paraphernalia for a metamorphosis of surroundings.

If there have been a tale explanation why to seek advice from Diagon Alley, it might be an interesting and iconic film location to incorporate in any imaginable sequel, particularly if avid gamers get to peer the cherished location greater than as soon as.

9 The Leaky Cauldron

Hogwarts Legacy Cauldron, Room of Requirement

As an front to Diagon Alley, The Leaky Cauldron might be a thrilling pit forestall and selection to The 3 Broomsticks or Hog’s Head in Hogsmeade. Accordingly Harry Potter In step with custom, the Leaky Cauldron first seemed across the sixteenth century, so it will have to had been round then Hogwarts Legacy happen.

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The presence of the Leaky Cauldron might also permit avid gamers to peer slightly extra of Nineteenth-century Victorian London, which the avid gamers appear to peer with the pony and carriage within the sport’s opening collection.

eighth Knockturn Alley

Harry Potter Draco Malfoy from Borgin and Burke's shop in Knockturn Alley

A sequel may just additionally introduce avid gamers to Knockturn Alley, the darkish and threatening space close to Diagon Alley with its mysterious Darkish Arts-themed stores. Within the Harry Potter Within the motion pictures, audience see Draco Malfoy from Borgin and Burkes, one of the most stores on Knockturn Alley. In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and techniquesHarry by chance flies there and reveals a creepy skeleton hand there with a an identical look Hogwarts Legacy‘s Limited Phase as an Easter Egg.

The dingy garage spaces of the limited space could be it Hogwarts Legacyis essentially the most correct depiction of Knockturn Alley, however in a sequel it might be cool to have its personal darkish arts store. Gamers extra fascinated by a Darkish Arts or Loss of life Eater build-in Hogwarts Legacy I additionally want puts to buy.

7 Every other magic faculty

Harry Potter Uagadou School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

When participant spouse Natty hears all concerning the Uagadou College surrounded through clouds, the chance of attending a paranormal faculty instead of Hogwarts turns into an interesting thought. There are lots of different wizarding faculties that avid gamers may just attend, particularly if one thing equivalent to a Triwizard Event displays up. It could be fascinating to peer extra of this Harry Potter The universe varies through tradition.

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Whether or not it is possible for a complete sequel is possibly much less most probably, however it would display up in an aspect quest line, particularly if the builders are fascinated by seeing participant reactions.

6 Ministry of Magic

Ministry of Magic of the Harry Potter Deathly Hallows

The Ministry of Magic is discussed a number of instances in Hogwarts Legacy and avid gamers meet Ministry reputable George Osric. Alternatively, avid gamers shouldn’t have get entry to to the Ministry itself. As an impressive and impressive development, it might be some other iconic development Harry Potter Film location for avid gamers to discover whether or not avid gamers are meant to be there for a challenge or no longer.

Any doable Hogwarts Legacy sequel may just give avid gamers a explanation why to seek advice from the Ministry, particularly if it pertains to it Hogwarts Legacys endings and the ramifications of the selections avid gamers make referring to Historical Magic.

5 Extra spouse or NPC homes

Hogwarts Legacy Ominis Gaunt

In Hogwarts LegacyGamers can seek advice from spouse Sebastian Sallow’s space and meet his sister Anne. Even if avid gamers will meet Natty’s mom, certainly one of Hogwarts professors, it could be a laugh to seek advice from her house in Uagadou.

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It may additionally be cool to seek advice from fashionable NPCs like Ominis Gaunt’s fatherland right through an aspect quest to satisfy extra of the circle of relatives he is speaking about and spot extra of his non-public lifestyles as a descendant of Salazar Slytherin dwelling in a pure-blood family . As an important persona within the Sebastian quest line, it might be fascinating to peer if both persona continues to function prominently in a imaginable sequel.

4 The home of the blacks

Hogwarts Legacy Deek Room of Requirement Elf

The Area of Blacks is likely one of the oldest wizarding households on the earth Harry Potter Universe whose intensive circle of relatives tree seems in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Gamers who make a selection Slytherin space will meet Scrope, a space elf within the Black circle of relatives family Hogwarts Legacy Area unique quest. There also are some intriguing tales to learn concerning the black circle of relatives throughout the sport’s hedge maze puzzles.

Believe assembly extra of the Black circle of relatives characters featured at the circle of relatives tree tapestry through visiting the notorious Area of Blacks by way of Scrope, possibly in a quest the place avid gamers attempt to in finding space elves like Scrope and Serving to Deek like Hermione does within the motion pictures.

3 Below the Black Lake

Hogwarts Legacy Black Lake view from Hippogriff Mountain

Even if avid gamers can fly over the Black Lake subsequent to Hogwarts, the sport’s diving mechanics are restricted, permitting avid gamers to by no means actually see what is beneath or get the total image of its massive squid. Exploring the lake in a sequel may just permit avid gamers to enjoy all kinds of magical creatures like merpeople and grindellows, and likewise use different spells and incantations just like the Bubble Head spell to discover its depths.

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The Black Lake could also be prone to dangle many mysteries, as the search for different kinds of treasure past cosmetics may just happen in some other magical location.

2 The Chamber of Secrets and techniques

Hogwarts Legacy Chamber of Secrets Slytherin Salazar Scriptorium Bathroom

Hogwarts Legacy has many secret places, particularly round Hogwarts Citadel. Even if avid gamers can seek advice from Salazar Slytherin’s secret scriptorium, the Chamber of Secrets and techniques is a space that hasn’t been explored but and may just develop into an excellent and thrilling secret space in a imaginable sequel.

In step with lore, a member of the Gaunt circle of relatives named Corvinus Gaunt knew the right way to open the chamber. As such, it might be fascinating if Ominis Gaunt ever learns this data, one thing that might probably be explored in a sequel.

1 Platform 9 and three/4

Hogwarts Legacy Hogsmeade Station

Hogwarts Legacy‘s Hogsmeade Station and Teach is an out of this world copy of the Harry Potter Hogwarts Categorical from the flicks however can be nice to peer its place to begin at platform 9 and three/4. Even if avid gamers play as 5th graders Hogwarts LegacyIn a sequel, avid gamers may just probably seek advice from the well-known magical platform, serving to learners as prefects and maybe even accompanying them around the lake on their first seek advice from to Hogwarts.

Gamers cannot journey the teach both, so sitting at the teach can be otherwise to immerse your self on the earth and an alternate approach to trip the huge open global map.

Hogwarts Legacy is to be had now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Sequence X/S, with a Transfer model coming November 14th.

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