May 26, 2022

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Hello and welcome to the Daily Crunch on Thursday, March 17, 2022! Today we have a mountain of news, so we’ll start with passion. A little reminder before I do that: the lineup of speakers for our Early Stage event is looking more and more complex. Can’t wait to see everything in real life! I Alex

Vanity Kip top 3

  • More capital for direct distribution: After the 2021 round wave, the enterprise instant delivery market is still active. Getir, an Indian direct distribution company, recently raised $768 million in Series E, bringing its valuation to almost $12 billion. Investment company Mubadala led the round.
  • How one city diversifies its startup market: The US corporate market is often seen as its two most important strengths. But startups are being built and funded at a record pace in the vast center of the country. And Chicago, one of America’s largest metropolitan areas, is funding a growing number of underrepresented seed and angel founders. We discussed how this change occurs.
  • Paradigm supports Ethereum’s scalar optimism: The Ethereum blockchain has a lot to do with this. You can program it and use it for anything. But sometimes it’s expensive to use when the transaction fees go up and down. Several companies are developing technologies that allow Ethereum to scale. Optimism is one such company that has raised $150 million in Series B valuation above $1 billion.

Startups and venture capitalists

  • Reface removes itself from the Russian market: When Russia invaded Ukraine, many companies immediately withdrew their services from abroad. Ukrainian app Reface decided not to “use its app as a channel” in order to “use its app as a channel to bypass Kremlin media censorship,” writes gaming-updates. However, this seems a bit counter-intuitive and the company has now gotten over it and is moving on.
  • Tile builds anti-harassment technology into its platform: Apple and Tile have developed ways to give users more control over their devices. But both companies also managed to create situations where criminals could use their technology to harass people. Now Tile has updated its technology to handle the situation, as has Apple.
  • Forget the Peloton; Hydro is still breeding: You might think that after the collapse of Peloton, investors would invest heavily in home fitness equipment. New. Hydro, aptly named Home Machine, just raised $55 million. So if you love rowing at home, we have good news! I’ve done both arginine and river rowing and I’m pretty good at both, so I can’t comment on the quality of the jet ski, but I can confirm that this exercise is more for the whole body than just cycling.
  • New social calendar: Combining calendars and to-dos with a healthy mix of teamwork, Amy is a no-brainer. Considering how much of the world lives on Google Calendar or Outlook, Amy probably still has a lot of TAMs to deal with despite fierce startup competition.
  • Today’s business deal: Listen, what can I really not improve? Ron Miller It’s written here, so let’s quote this guy, okay? “Upstash, an early-stage startup, is building a serverless data platform for developers of data-intensive applications using a consumption-based pricing model that should help keep prices down,” he explained. Excellent. Upstash just raised $1.9 million from companies like Mango Capital.
  • Tiktok Stories: Some ideas are only good because the consumers like them. Some writers’ stories or series updates designed to be more ephemeral than regular posts are such a thing. And TikTok, having experimented with models, is doing more with its storytelling product.
  • Profishop rises from the Tiger: With $35 million in new capital, Profishhop is building into the covert logistics sector. Working on just-in-time B2B delivery, especially for business and industrial goods. It is a German company that is now active in 13 markets. Expect this number to rise as he has new funds.
  • Artist formerly known as Square Back Kyash: Financial giant Jack Dorsey, now called Block, took part in a $41.7 million round of Japanese mobile financial app Kayash. Apparently, this is “the block’s first investment in an Asian company,” according to gaming-updates.

Turtle co-founder Dmitry Shevlenko: “You can’t do a lot of things right away”

Dmitry Shevlenko, co-founder and CEO of Turtle

image credit: Bryce Durbin

From the outside, a startup creating multiple pivots may look like it lacks direction.

In fact, changing course is usually the smartest move, as it allows founding teams to take advantage of new technologies and adapt to changing market conditions.

Transportation reporter Rebecca Belan interviews Turtle co-founder Dmitry Shevlenko about her company’s transition “from using a hardware-as-a-service model to a 10% sales target.” Which are created using card payment bots.

The turn is positive, says Shevlenko. “The most important thing about agility is that you can humbly admit that you were wrong, or that you learned new information and adapt.”

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Big Tech Inc.

  • Amazon deal with MGM completed: So much for increased antitrust activity blocking major deals. Amazon’s $8.5 billion purchase of film studio MGM has been completed, giving the e-commerce and cloud computing giant more media power. Sure, it might seem a bit odd that AWS even has a movie studio, but with more and more digital goods coming as part of the company’s Prime subscription, the deal could make sense.
  • Maserati Plans V-6 Electric Vehicles The rise of electric vehicles seems to be affecting all manufacturers, including more expensive sports cars like Maserati. According to a gaming-updates report, the Italian car company plans to launch half a dozen electric vehicles by 2025.
  • gaming-updates reviews new Apple products: If you’ve been missing Apple’s new Mac Studio computers, we’ve got good news for you. Our review is over. And we also spoke to Apple executives about the new computer and its accompanying monitor, the latter of which is getting far more mixed reviews than the machine it plugs into.

There’s been more: Meta is testing ways brands can better control ad placement, Google has released the Android 13 Developer Preview update, and a search company has released a tool to help businesses manage delivery.

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