May 26, 2022

“phone calls and Text messages started coming in quickly asking for power supplies and engine repair equipment,” said Katya Ryaza, who lives and works in Ivano-Frankivsk, a small town in western Ukraine.

Since the beginning of the war, Ukrainian soldiers on the front lines have been begging for equipment and other hard-to-find items from their friends and allies across the country. “Our team coordinated the cleaning of garages, basements and tool sheds, as most of these materials are now difficult or impossible to find in Ukraine,” Katya said.

Katya is the head of project management and distribution for the American technology company Softjorn, which has an R&D office and a number of employees in western Ukraine. Although we were shocked when the war broke out, our team managed to join forces and organize support to keep our allies and their families safe.

Our team, along with the large tech community in Ukraine, came together to help the war effort. This includes joining the Ukrainian IT army, planning trips to supply soldiers on the front lines, and donating money and military equipment to the military.

Katya says that while volunteering is important to the war effort, fighting on the economic front is even more important.

Sergi Fitsk, co-founder and director of SoftJourne, said: “Working together, we help fuel the war effort. Every dollar we earn helps support Ukraine’s economy as it finances the war effort, provides humanitarian assistance to those hardest hit, protects our communities, and protects our families and neighbors. It’s important to show care and concern. ,

For Katya and many of our colleagues living in Ukraine, the work has become an act of resistance. Likewise, when companies choose to purchase licenses for products made in the country, or partner with consultants whose team may be partially or wholly there, they are fueling an economy that secures Ukraine’s future.

As members of the global technology community, we have a unique opportunity to help at this critical time. Here are three submission methods:

Keep looking for Ukraine for your IT and technical needs

According to the IT-Ukraine Association, before the war, Ukraine had a technology industry with a turnover of $6.8 billion. While some companies have had to close or temporarily suspend operations, many are still operating and even growing.

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