May 23, 2022

Hello and welcome to Equity, the startup business podcast where we reveal the numbers and nuances behind the headlines.

We had a sickness on the team, so instead of recording our usual Wednesday deep dive, we searched our recent archives and pulled audio from the Twitter space we did last week. It’s essentially a Friday-style release on a wide range of topics, but a bit belated on another day as well.

The equivalent command is NatashaI Mary AnnI MaggiI EleganceAs well as Alex The startup world was not supposed to give you the latest and most important information. (Oh, and we have a live show on Thursday, see you there!)

What we were talking about? Next:

  • Venture round for Workwheel ($13M) and Alloy Automation ($20M).
  • Mary Ann’s coverage of Forage focused on where the founders worked prior to creating the fintech startup. Tip: deliver groceries.
  • We then went into more detail about the changes at Clearco and what happens when the founder dynamic changes. And we used this story to talk a little about how the focus is shifting to growth among young technology companies.

It was a great time. We’ll be back soon, let’s chat!

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