May 27, 2022

Indian real-time video conferencing infrastructure startup 100ms has raised $20M Series A to support the next generation of live video applications just five months after the completion of its launch round.

This latest round was led by Alpha Wave Incubation of Falcon Edge, with input from Matrix Partners India and LocalGlobe, as well as existing investors Accel and Strive.VC. This brings the startup’s total funding to $24.5 million.

The startup was founded in 2020 during the COVID lockdown and its founders aimed to create an app that would allow people in India to watch matches live.

“We decided to make a product that will allow users to watch matches on the app and make video calls to their friends to enjoy the match. We reviewed the available solutions and selected one of the existing video SDK providers; It took us four months to launch the product,” said 100ms CEO Kshitiya Gupta.

“And that’s when it all started, wasn’t it, in this new world where most of the experience will be through live video, building a platform like this shouldn’t take four months,” said Gupta, co-founder of the startup. With Aniket Behera and Sarvesh Dwivedi.

The trio previously worked for Disney-Hotstar, one of the largest streaming platforms in India, and Gupta has additional experience as a Live Video Infrastructure Project Manager at Meta.

The challenge he faced building the app inspired him to create a real-time video framework that would allow businesses ranging from education technology to fitness and entertainment to add video conferencing like Zoom to their apps and run the app on those platforms like YouTube and Facebook. allows you to broadcast.

It took them about nine months to build the new product, allowing the companies to integrate, test, and launch it in less than a week.

“Most companies avoid building this technology because it’s too complex… we’re targeting all companies that are trying to embed video in their apps. It could be an education technology company that offers online classes, a healthcare technology company that hosts telemedicine conversations between a doctor and a patient, or someone who sells something through live commerce,” Gupta said.

100ms is aimed at companies such as educational technology, telemedicine companies, and fitness studios that want to embed video in their apps. image credit: 100ms

Startups saw 20x growth in the most recent quarter as demand for their product continues to grow even as live experiences remain the norm. Since last August, more than 2,200 companies, including Frontrow and WhiteHat Jr., have used 100ms real-time video infrastructure; Both education technology platforms, Circle; Paytm Insider, a platform for creators and brands; platform for live events and families; Community app.

“I think the reason for this acceleration is that we are reducing the integration time. We also want to create template models that companies can use to customize live events for a more realistic experience… For us, we think this will be the start of our journey into the metaverse,” said Bechera, who has a career in engineering. as a banker prior to formation.

They plan to use the funds to expand the team, including hiring more video engineers as they work to expand the product’s capabilities.

Anirud Singh, director of Alpha Wave Incubation at Falcon Edge, commented on the 100ms investment: “Online gyms are asking trainees to report their injuries. Add online school libraries and include individual support sessions. Online dating apps want to create the best virtual meeting experience. The 100ms product allows producers to render and add rich real-time interaction, summarizing the complexities of video streaming. ,

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