February 2, 2023

The 1/6 committee has video proof that one of the crucial other people, Consultant Barry Loudermilk, who visited the Capitol prior to the 1/6 assault threatened Speaker Pelosi.

Panchbol Information studies:

The Jan. 6 Choose Committee has documentary photos of a person visiting the Capitol compound with Rep. Barry Laudermilk (D-GA) outdoor the Capitol day after today, all the way through a raging rebellion, threatening individuals of Congress, together with Speaker Nancy Pelosi. more than one resources acquainted with the subject.

Those resources instructed us that the choice committee has photos of the person all the way through the Loudermilk excursion on Jan. 5, in addition to photos of the similar guy outdoor the Capitol on Jan. 6.

Assets mentioned that the particular investigators of the committee interrogated the person. It does now not seem that he has been charged with any offense associated with the mutiny.

Rape. Loudermilk has modified his tale a number of instances in regards to the Capitol excursions he has carried out, and claims he best toured for households if he visited somebody who yelled threats on the individuals. There is not any water on this. Congress and Speaker Pelosi.

Capitol police say there’s no proof that Loudermilk used to be accomplishing a reconnaissance excursion. However he did not wish to shuttle.

A Republican within the Area of Representatives allowed a person within the Capitol to threaten the Speaker of the Area. This can be a drawback, and it displays how a lot of a risk the Republicans had been prior to the 1/6 assault.

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